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In 2021, the Festival d'Aix is launching the first edition of an annual professional day dedicated to the promotion of the creators of the Académie, whose objective is to consolidate an artistic advisory role as well as to generate real career opportunities.

In association with Accord Majeur, this day allows opera professionals and new generations of artists to meet, exchange around artistic projects, and discuss the challenges of programming and creation today.

You are invited to participate in the first edition of this day entitled:

The Professional Day of the Académie du Festival d'Aix
July 6, 2021, from 2pm to 4:45pm
In videoconference


Since 2016, the stage director Katie Mitchell and the Académie du Festival d'Aix have been perfecting an innovative programme working towards greater equality between men and women in opera. Thanks to the support of the Music Moves Europe programme, this residency has been given a new dimension. Spread over fifteen months, it enables twelve professionals (composers, authors, conductors and stage directors) to strengthen their career development strategy.

The first edition of Génération Opéra is part of the programme Young Women Opera Makers.

Discover the names of the twelve artists involved in the residency.


The meetings will take place as follows:

— Each artist will be giving a 10-minute pitch, at the end of each group there will be time for feedbacks with the panel
— A panel of European professionals attend the presentations and provide systematic feedback to each artist
— The meetings are moderated by Paul Briottet, deputy director of the Académie and Concerts at the Festival d'Aix

Schedule of the pitches :

2pm-2:30pm— Stage directors
2pm-2:10pm : Ana Cuéllar Velasco
2:10pm-2:20pm : Kapitolina Tcvetkova
2:20pm-2:30pm : Louise Vignaud

2:45pm-3:15pm — Writers
2:45pm-2:55pm : Giuliana Kiersz
2:55pm-3:05pm : Mathilde Soulheban
3:05pm-3:15pm : Amanda Wilkin

3:30pm-4pm — Conductors
3:30pm-3:40pm : Clara Baget
3:40pm-3:50pm : Charlotte Corderoy
3:50pm-4pm : Constança de Castro Simas

4:15pm-4:45pm — Composers
4:15pm-4:25pm : Lanqing Ding
4:25pm-4:35pm : Juta Pranulytė
4:35pm-4:45pm : Josephine Stephenson

The pitches will be made in English and in French. If you have any question about this day or the residency in itself, please write to Audrey Pouhe Njall (audrey.pouhenjall@festival-aix.com)