Erismena 2017 residency

27 juin concert Mozart
© Vincent Beaume

Residency open to singers under 30 years old on 1 January 2017

For the new creation of Erismena, opera by Francesco Cavalli, for the 2017 Festival d’Aix-en-Provence, young singers are hired as covers to follow the rehearsals and be prepared to replace a singer who could not perform or take part in the tours as planned. After the end of the rehearsals, the covers broaden their knowledge of the baroque repertoire and focus on works of the Venetian school, coached by Leonardo García Alarcón and Fabian Schofrin.


  • soprano: Erismena, Aldimira, Flerida
  • tenor: Alcesta, Diarte
  • baritone: Erimante, Agrippo


  • 21 June - 6 July: working as an understudy on the production of Erismena
  • 7 - 21 July: vocal development training on a baroque repertoire

Some work sessions may be open to the public.
The second part of the residency will give rise to several public performances.
Educational meetings will be organised in conjunction with the Festival’s Passerelles service.


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