Concert de création interculturelle, Orchestre des Jeunes de la Méditerranée 2015

2015 Intercultural creation session

July 11 2015 to July 19 2015
The ambition of this course of creation with Fabrizio Cassol is to construct a space which enables the sharing of experience and reflection, leading to a collective work that will be performed during a concert.

In this course, Fabrizio Cassol, a world music enthusiast and a tireless intermediary invites a dozen young musicians from the Mediterranean countries, without any limitation on style. Together, they will broach the relationships between collective and individual expression, orality and musical writing, improvisation and composition, and the key concept of rhythmic harmony. Mutual listening, sharing and exchange is at the core of the creation process here. Musicians who are familiar with classical music but also with jazz and with the various musical traditions of the Mediterranean region have been selected to take part in this course. As an addition to its now traditional concert, the Mediterranean Youth Orchestra will perform on the 18th of July, and share with the audience the result of the collective creation process in a more intimate context, with creativity, improvisation, and Mediterranean musical traditions.


18 July: Festival d’Aix - Cour de l’Hôtel Maynier d’Oppède in Aix-en-Provence - 9:30pm
19 July: Villa Méditerranée in Marseille - 8:30pm