Orchestre des Jeunes de la Méditerranée - répétition symphonique

2015 Symphonic session

July 13 2015 to July 28 2015
This orchestra training course gathers 80 instrumentalists from the Mediterranean Youth Orchestra.

It is a significant experience in the training and the early carreer of young musicians who have the opportunity to hone their skills with experienced musicians from the London Symphony Orchestra, to practice the repertoire for symphonic orchestra, and to have their first taste of professional concerts and tours. Under the baton of Carlo Rizzi, musicians from the Mediterranean Youth Orchestra will perform this year Verdi's Sicilian Vespers and Malher’s 4th Symphony, one of the composer’s brightest and most famous works. The young Chinese soprano Ying Fang, currently developing her carreer with the Metropolitan Opera in New York, will join the orchestra in the 4th movement of the symphony. A unique opportunity to perform contemporary writing, the orchestra will also benefit from the presence of Ana Sokolović, a Serbian composer in residency at the Festival in 2015, in the performance or her Concerto for orchestra.