Concert Voix et Création, Académie 2015

2017 Creation and Innovation Workshops

June 12 2017 to July 15 2017
Developing musical and innovative artistic projects open to teams of creators (composers, stage directors, librettists, video artists, visual artists, choreographers, etc.) and performers (singers, instrumentalists and dancers, etc.) working on an artistic project

By making the new generation of creators aware of audience development, the Académie seeks to foster contemporary debate on creation and its economic realities, while inciting the renewal of artistic and musical practices through an interdisciplinary, intercultural and innovative approach.

This training programme provides an advantageous setting for study, experimentation and creation during the Festival period. It gives young creators and performers the opportunity to develop their innovative artistic and musical projects (musical theatre, recitals, dance, performance, educational and participatory projects, etc.) and benefit from professional tools and expertise through tailored artistic and technical guidance.  

Selected projects will participate in training sessions, followed by a public performance to be arranged in Aix-en-Provence.


Applications for the 2017 Opera Creation Workshop are closed.
⇒ Applications opening for the 2018 workshop: May 2017