Atelier Chanteurs-relais - Académie du Festival d'Aix dans le cadre d'enoa - Janvier 2016

2017 Relay singers

February 25 2017 to March 1 2017

Hosted by Mark Withers, artistic and education project leader for London Symphony Orchestra Discovery, and stage director Sybille Wilson, this training session is designed to raise awareness of the Relay singer’s role, following a process based on experimentation and improvisation. Taking an innovative and participatory approach, the singers learn creative techniques for running outreach projects. At the end of these work sessions, the Relay singers are invited to put the lessons learned into practice with the groups from Passerelles.


Mark Withers and Sybille Wilson

• Understanding the role of Relay singers
• Introduction to basic creative techniques and group management
• Practice with the groups from Passerelles, the socio-artistic and educational departments of the Festival d’Aix.


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