Quatuor Piatti, Masterclass András Keller, Résidence de musique de chambre, Académie 2015

2019 Chamber music residency

June 10 2019 to June 21 2019
The residency is open to established string quartets and piano trios whose average age does not exceed 30 years old on 1st January 2019

Violinists András Keller and David Alberman combine their talents as artists and tutors for the benefit of young ensembles – string quartets and piano trios – seeking to refine their approach to all repertoires, from classic to contemporary music. This residency is the ideal opportunity to open up to contemporary creation and get to grips with new languages by working alongside today's composers.   

With the complicity of Mark Withers, the residency also offers the opportunity for outreach work in order to raise the public’s awareness of how chamber music is listened to and practised.

The ensembles will also benefit from wise advice on career development. The Christiane Louis's specialist expertise covers all the practical aspects that an ensemble might expect to deal with: self-promotional communication, development, dissemination, etc.


András Keller | Violonist (Keller Quartet)
David Alberman | Violonist (Arditi Quartet)
Mark Withers | Clarinettist | Artistic and education projects leader at the London Symphony Orchestra Discovery and for the outreach skills workshops
Christiane Louis | Instructor in artistic entrepreneurship at the Philharmonie de Paris

Some work sessions (held in English) may be open to the public.
The residency will give rise to public concerts and events in June and July, in Aix-en-Provence and the surrounding area. Educational meetings will be organised in conjunction with the Festival’s Passerelles services.

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