Théâtre de l'Archevêché - Ariadne auf Naxos - Festival d'Aix-en-Provence 2018


July 1 2019 to July 6 2019
Open to journalists who are under the age of 32 at 1 January 2019 – students or young professionals, journalists, musicologists, playwrights, writers or philosophers – who want to write about the opera in German, Dutch, English or French.

The Académie du Festival d’Aix, with the support of the enoa network, is organising a unique workshop on cultural journalism, and more specifically on critical reviews of opera, under the supervision of South African journalist Shirley Apthorp (Financial Times, Opera Magazine, etc.) and Dutch playwright Willem Bruls (Opernwelt, The Wall Street Journal Europe, etc.). 

In a context of profound change in the media sector, the Opera & Journalism Workshop aims to introduce participants to the principles of critical reviews and cultural journalism in opera.

« The continuation of expert professional commentary on music and music theatre is essential for the healthy future of art-form. » Shirley Apthorp & Willem Bruls


Shirley Apthorp | Journalist and musical critic
Willem Bruls I Author and dramaturg


This workshop is both a space for reflecting on the work of critics in the field of opera and a practical workshop to improve on the profession of critic. Over the six days of the workshop, participants will take part in different productions of Festival d’Aix. As part of the workshop, each participant will be invited to produce different types of content, some of which may be published on the website of the enoa network.

The workshop is exclusively held in English. Some work sessions may be open to the public.

This workshop is part of the Young Opera Makers programme of enoa (European Network of Operas Academies) and benefit of the support of the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.


Shortlisting via application:
• CV (in English) and photo
• Covering letter in English answering the following questions:
- Your ideas about new media in writing about arts
- Your opinion about the current 'state of opera' (trends, discussions, recent developments)
- What do you expect from a journalism workshop during the Festival d’Aix?
• Examples of already published texts (in English, French, German or Dutch)

Online applications

All incomplete applications will be rejected.
Application fees cannot be reimbursed.

Accommodation and travel* fees are covered by the Festival d'Aix. Artists pay for their meals.
* Reimbursements of travel fees are made on proof of purchase of a 2nd class return plane or train ticket between the artist’s town/city of residence and Aix/Marseille. Reimbursements are capped by geographical area: €80 (PACA Region), €210 (whole of France), €350 (Europe / Mediterranean), €500 (outside Europe and the Mediterranean)
Thank you for sending your confirmation of reservation (including your hours and places of arrival and departure) at the latest 3 weeks before your arrival.

Application shortlisting results will be announced on 2019, February 15.

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