Concert de la résidence de chant, Aix en juin, Festival d'Aix 2018

2020 vocal residency

June 18 2020 to July 4 2020
Residency open to singers and pianists up to 30 years old

Every summer, the Académie du Festival d’Aix offers an advanced vocal programme for singers and piano accompanists, based on the Mozartian repertoire – for which the Festival d’Aix has been famous since it began – and also on lied, Baroque, mélodie and contemporary repertoires.

This residency aims to consolidate singers’ vocal technique and provide young artists with career development tools, a real springboard on the way to their future as performers. Revelling in the incredible sense of emulation that reigns at the heart of the Festival, everyone will be given an introduction to outreach and self-promotion, an essential aspect for any artist at the start of their career. Pride of place will also be given to pianists, who will take an advanced course for piano accompanists and rehearsal coaches with experienced musicians.

The Canadian soprano Edith Wiens has been chosen for a second edition to lead this 2020 vocal residency. She is a teacher at the Juilliard School of Music in New York, and her tuition methods have set the benchmark for the world of lyrical singing. Renowned vocal coach pianists will work with the pianists participating in the residence.

Moreover, young artists will benefit from in-depth work on dramatic and musical interpretation with the French conductor Raphaël Pichon. This vocal residency ends with a unique concert featuring the participants and the Balthasar Neumann Ensemble conducted by Raphaël Pichon, will round off the residency, during the opening weekend of the Festival d’Aix-en-Provence in July, 2020.



Edith Wiens — Vocal professor at the Juilliard School of Music & Artistic director at the Internationale Meistersinger Akademie
Raphaël Pichon — Conductor
Vocal coach pianists (list currently being finalised)



10 singers
2 vocal coach pianists



• Master classes in vocal development (held in English) by Edith Wiens; some master classes may be open to the public.
• Work on concert programmes, including one with orchestra with Raphaël Pichon
• Concerts at the Festival d'Aix and in the surrounding area
• Last concert with Balthasar Neumann Ensemble under the direction of Raphaël Pichon
• Musical meetings with specific or school-based audiences in conjunction with the Festival’s Passerelles services.


1. Shortlisting* via application
• Age: up to 30  years old
Derogations on the age limit may be granted depending on the singer's CV. If you are over 30 years old and would like to apply, please contact the Académie before registering:
• Biography / CV and photo
• Audio or video recordings including one aria from a opera

2. Final selection on audition (Paris or New York)
• Audition programme: please be sure to prepare 2 arias from operas and 1 lied or 1 melody
If you are selected, you will receive more details later about the audition.



1. Shortlisting* via application
• Biography / CV and photo
• Audio or video recordings including:
- one accompaniment of an aria from an opera 
- one solo piece for piano 

2. Final selection
- on audition for the artists in New York
- on audition, followed by a possible work session, for the artists in Paris

• Audition programme:
- one aria played by sight-read accompaniment with a singer  
- one ensemble of an opera chosen by the candidates in which they will play the piano part and sing the various vocal parts



September 20, 2019 for singers and pianists auditioning in New York
October 15, 2019 for singers auditioning in Paris
December 1st, 2019 for pianists auditioning in Paris

• NEW YORK — Singers and pianists: November 2019
• PARIS — Singers: 16 & 17 December 2019
• PARIS — Pianists : January 2020

Travel expenses (hotel, transport) of the artists auditioning in Paris will be reimbursed up to a value of €180, upon presentation of supporting documents.
Travel expenses will not be reimbursed for artists auditioning in the United-States.


All incomplete applications will be rejected.
Application fees cannot be reimbursed.
* Application shortlisting results will be announced two weeks prior to the audition in the city applicants have selected in the form.


• Singers and pianists: training agreement for the entire duration of the residency
• Singers: contract for the rehearsal period and the concert with the Ensemble Balthasar Neumann providing for a gross remuneration of €400.

Master classes, accommodation and travel* fees are covered by the Festival d'Aix. Artists pay for their meals.
* Reimbursements of travel fees are made on proof of purchase of a 2nd class return plane or train ticket between the artist’s town/city of residence and Aix/Marseille. Reimbursements are capped by geographical area: €80 (PACA Region), €210 (whole of France), €350 (Europe / Mediterranean), €500 (outside Europe and the Mediterranean)


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