enoa immersive residencies


February 15 2021 to February 15 2022
The open call application deadline has expired. Find all enoa projects on www.enoa-community.com.

Residencies open to artists without significant opera experience

The enoa network is aware of the urgent need for the opera world to take part in a necessary culture shift by opening its institutions to equalize access, better diversity and achieve true inclusion. Its hope with the immersive residency program is to open enoa institutions’ doors to a wider and diverse pool of talented artists to enrich the opera landscape with new narratives and aesthetics. With this aim, the enoa network offers support, mentorship and mobility through a tailor-made residency for artists without significant opera experience.


For the artists:

— an opportunity to challenge their perception of what opera and music theatre can be and to get a better understanding of the genre
— an open opportunity to take their work in new directions
— easier opportunities to join an international network of peers and professionals in the operatic field

For the institution:

— taking inspiration from the artists and benefiting from their skills
— widening the talent pool the institution can collaborate with in the future
— a better understanding of how opera is received by the artists and how it could change to be more accessible


— Structured relationship up to 18 months with an enoa institution to have access and insight into the opera world while benefiting from their host artistic and cultural networks
— Four-day kick-off workshop at LOD muziektheater dedicated to opera creation for all the immersive residency programme fellows
— Mentoring sessions and coaching by an expert, an artist or a representative of the institution
— Personalized support provided by a referent in the institution to regularly identify the needs and organize all the actions and meetings
— Possibilities to attend enoa workshops to reflect on opera creation, gain technical and artistic skills and foster career development
— Possibilities to build a professional network by meeting the enoa members and having several opportunities to meet and network with the other immersive programme fellows
— Support to understand the best way to pitch and talk about one’s own work. Optional opportunity to pitch project to members
— Mobility grant

During the residency, the artist communicates its experience throughout the 18 months. At the end, we expect a report by the artist in any form.

— Four-day kick-off workshop – 16 - 19 February 2021  (at LOD muziektheater, depending on the evolution of the COVID-19 health situation)
— Residency – between February 2021 and May 2022 (period and length to be defined with the hosting institution)


There are 8 open residency opportunities in total:

— Festival d’Aix-en-Provence – 2 positions
— Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation – 1 position
— Snape Maltings – 2 positions
— Fondation Operosa – 2 positions
— LOD muziektheater – 1 position