Opéra de-ci de-là - Juin 2019


March 25 2020 to June 20 2020
The Académie has adapted and developed new online training programs in order to continue to carry out its mission of training and accompanying young musicians in their professional development. Country borders currently pose a challenge to an artist’s mobility and so it becomes important to create new work spaces and meeting places which allow for the preservation of the vital links and intercultural dialogue at the heart of these programs.
The training programs were created through a process of reflection and ongoing exchange with the artists and pedagogical experts who were initially involved in training sessions that were scheduled to take place in Aix during the 2020 edition of the Festival d'Aix. Through these newly adapted programs, the Académie continues to defend their values which include artistic excellence, innovation, the expression of cultural diversity, and activities which promote social inclusion.

The Opera-de-ci de-là residency which was initially scheduled to take place from the 25th to the 27th March and then from the 15th to the 20th June has been deferred to 2021 as a result of the Covid-19 epidemic. Nevertheless, on the 15th and 16th June, the selected artists have been invited to participate remotely in an online seminar where they will be able to reflect on the role of art in our society and on creating during times of crisis. The two day seminar will take place entirely online and will be led by the residency’s tutor Anthony Heidweiller, and Frédérique Aït-Touati, theatre director and historian specialized in 17th century literature and modern science.


Residency open to young early-career composers, stage directors, singers and instrumentalists

The Académie du Festival d'Aix is renewing its Opéra de-ci de-là residency, a training program that explores the strengths, the stakes, and the potential for change in the opera industry. The program aims at training young creators and performers to create collaborative and immersive operas, in a setting that favors intercultural dialogue and interdisciplinary exchange. By investigating innovative and creative processes, the program provides young artists with the opportunity to develop short-form performances and offers them an immersive experience in the public space.

The program will be led by Anthony Heidweiller, who regularly holds workshops on artistic projects with a participatory dimension.

“Why art?
To create a bridge between society and artists.
For a cosmopolitan society.” Anthony Heidweiller, 2019 Festival d’Aix

"Giving voice to people who don’t have a voice, looking for the silent voices, sharing new stories, addressing new audiences, bringing down the walls between performers and audiences, challenging the traditional artistic practices, exploring collaborative and spontaneous practices...” Anthony Heidweiller



Anthony Heidweiller — singer and artistic associated director of the Opera Forward Festival of Amsterdam



20 young composers, stage directors, singers and instrumentalists from diverse artistic, sociocultural and geographical horizons



• The 20 artists will be divided into artistic teams including a composer, a stage director, and performers (instrumentalists or singers). Certain teams may be asked to develop a project involving a group of amateur artists from the Passerelles department.
• By the end of the program, participants will produce 7- to 10-minute-long performancesboth collaborative and immersive, or even interactive – which will be presented in atypical venues not usually intended for live shows. These performances, to be shown in Aix en juin, as a prelude to the Festival d’Aix 2020, will be developed and composed for and in these spaces, based on interviews with leading figures linked to the venues. During the performances, the artistic teams will have no costumes, decors or technical support, and will perform while the spaces remain open for activity.



Workshop: March 25 — 27, 2020 (cancelled)
Residency : June 15 20, 2020 (cancelled)
Restitutions : June 19 & 20, 2020 in the framework of Aix en juin (cancelled)

Online seminar: June 15 — 16, 2020


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